Recommended Products

  • Holtec Metal O-Ring
    Metallic Gaskets, Highly reliable sealing performance is provided over a wide range in temperature.
    Holtec Metal O-Ring
  • API Ring Joint Gasket
    Ring joint gasket, a high-pressure gasket is largely used in offshore petrochemical and natural gas industry applications
    API Ring Joint Gasket
  • Special Ring Joint Gaskets
    Transition Ring joint
    Blind Ring joint
    Rbbber Coated Ring joint
    Ring joint with PTFE Loose Inner Ring
    Special Ring Joint Gaskets
  • Lens Ring Gaskets
    Metallic gaskets suitable high pressure application. manufactured in accordance with DIN 2696 and ASME.
    Lens Ring Gaskets
  • Holtec Metallic O-Ring Gaskets
    Pressure water:400MPa
    Pressure gas:300MPa
    Feature:low seating stress,little space
    Application:Valve bonnets,Rocket engines
    Holtec Metallic O-Ring Gaskets
  • Heat Exchanger Gasket
    Tecson heat enchanger gaskets type including metal jacketde,kammprofile,spiral wound,soft and many other
    Heat Exchanger Gasket
  • Eyeletted Gasket
    advantages:resistance to blow-out and its higher temperature and pressure range.
    Size: from 25mm-6000mm
    Eyeletted Gasket
  • Semi-Metallic Gaskets in Material Hastalloy
    Metallic and Semi-metallic Gaskets are made of Special Material Hastalloy, which are for special application.
    Semi-Metallic Gaskets in Material Hastalloy

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