Machined Solid Metallic Gaskets

Machined Solid Metallic Gaskets
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Metallic Gasket
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1 piece
TC-Machined metal gaskets
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Tue, 23 Dec 2014 02:52:23 GMT


  • Material Metal

  • Shape Ring Gasket

  • Standard or Nonstandard Standard

  • Function sealing

  • Type Convex;Wedge;Double Cone;Metal O ring

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


Solid Flat Metal Gaskets..Lens Gaskets..Convex Gaskets
Wedge Gaskets..Double Cone Gaskets..Metal O ring



Solid Flat Metal Gaskets

Used, among others, in valve seats, heat exchangers and in threaded connections


Lens Gaskets

A machined sealing ring where in sealing action is based on line contact sealing. Effective sealing is obtained at relative limited bolt loads. The gaskets are widely used in hihg pressure pipe systerms


Convex Gaskets

A machined sealing ring with dimensions in according with DIN 7603D or customer specifications


Wedge Gaskets

The Wedge Gaskets is a pressure-activated gasket. Use for sealing ring.


Double Cone Gaskets

These gaskets are suitable for large diameter, high pressure applications


Metal O ring

A solid metal o-ring.


Ring Joint Orifice/Blanking Gaskets

These gaskets are used to shut off piping and to cut off pressure during sealing tests and pressure tests.



 Machined Solid Metallic Gaskets