Holtec Metallic O-Ring Gaskets

Holtec Metallic O-Ring Gaskets
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Metallic Gasket
Min Order
1 piece
Holtec Metallic O ring
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Tue, 23 Dec 2014 02:52:35 GMT


  • Material Metal

  • Shape Ring Gasket

  • Standard or Nonstandard Standard

  • Function sealing

  • Size all size

  • Pressure 400 MPa

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


Pressure water:400MPa
Pressure gas:300MPa
Feature:low seating stress,little space
Application:Valve bonnets,Rocket engines


Holtec Metal O ring

Stainless Steel or Inconel tubes are formed into an O ring shape, the ends are welded together, and then surfaces are finished ultra-smooth.

PTFE coating or silver plating is used on the surfaces for sealing gases, vacuum and highly volatile liquids. Highly reliable sealing performance is provided over a wide range from high temperature to cryogenic temperature, and from high pressure to vacuum.

This gasket features a compact design that requires a comparatively low seating stress and requires little space



Valve bonnets, high pressure vessel flanges, equipment joints, pipe flanges, plastic precessing machinery, hydraulic equipent, pneumatic equipment, vacuum vessels, nuclear power containers, aircraft engines, rocket engines and automobile engines


                                                               Pressure water


 400 MPa                                                  


 Pressure gas


 300 MPa




 10-4 Pa



Holtec SR

Standard type Metal O ring A standard type metal o ring can be applied from vacuum to 7 MPa


Holtec VH

Vent Hole type O ring

Two or more holes are provided on the inside (for internal pressure) or outside (for external pressure) of the ring so that the fluid wil enter the ring and increase self-sealing and performance. Suitable for high pressure sealing.